Max Worldwide Logistics

Max Worldwide Logistics Recognized in one of India’s fastest growing Logistics service provider delivering their valuable and unmatched services globally, The Company Started By Mr. ML Makwana in 2018 with passion & commitment across industries, through a dedicated team of empowered people, simplified processes and latest technology. Max Worldwide Logistics works as a channel for its customers’ businesses by aligning the strategic and the equipped perspectives & facilitating development. It has fast grown to become a recognizable and respected name within the industry.
Max Worldwide Logistics Knows that global supply chain management needs thorough planning, seamlessly implementing and appropriately controlling a sequence of complex tasks performed by people from various cultures, national origin, Communicate in different languages. We don’t just incorporate these worldwide capabilities but also bring out the best from them through our proficiency, passion, and cutting-edge technology.
We understand that supply change optimization can be attained only through the right management of people, place, and time. And in order to make certain this synchronization, we have a group of immense & varied experience and highly capable experts, with a focus on working models that combine functions of customers, suppliers, and end users, all.
Our portfolio shows our dedication, skill, passion and outstanding service. Max Worldwide Logistics has included supply chain consulting and outsourcing work for various verticals including Industries.


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Logistic Services

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Fleet Services

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